Sunday, March 7, 2010

A long list of updates...

There are a TON of updates because I haven't updated in SOO LONG! I’m gonna do it by dates and sequence of events with LOTS of pictures:

February 15: I am 35 weeks at that point! Here is the pic!
February 20: My baby shower in Ft. Lauderdale was AMAZING! I had a ton of fun and got lots of great stuff to finish up Sadie’s nursery! This is me and My Best Friends Bevy and Heather (thank you for planning a FANTASTIC day for me and Gil...and Sadie!)

After the shower, my niece took my maternity pictures. I’ve gotten some and I think she did a pretty good job! She got some good ones! I can’t wait to see the rest of them! There are some risque pics that I won't post, but here are some of my faves so far!

February 23: Dr’s appt and we got an ultrasound…Sadie is still a girl. They estimated her to be about 5lbs 13oz at that point and said she’ll be about 7 pounds or so at birth…we shall see soon! Below is the 36 week picture! March 1: I am 37 weeks! I can not believe it! Sadie's nursery is COMPLETELY done...I think! We added some pretty accents and set up everything and filled her closet. She has such a girly room! Now she just needs to come out and see the room! Here are pics of me at 37 weeks and Sadie's Nursery...well the accents of it!March 8: I am 38 weeks and I have less than a week left of work! HOLY MOLY! Where has the time gone?
March 10, Gil took his truck to get it checked out, cause the check engine light came on…well come to find out the head gasket was blown! Good reason for it to be driving so terribly and just being sucky! They said it would be $2700 to fix the head gasket or $4300 to replace the entire engine. We’ve had the truck (from his parents originally) for 3 years now. It’s served us well, but I have been trying to talk him in to getting a new “baby-friendly” car that gets better gas mileage

March 11: My last day of work until I am done with maternity leave! I am SOO excited to just be relaxing at this point. I had a lot going on at work and I just needed the time off to relax and prepare for my little girl's arrival! They will be fine and I will be GREAT just sitting at home this week!

March 12: My mom’s 55th birthday in Ft. Lauderdale was AWESOME. We were wondering if I was going to make it over there or if I was going to go in to labor while I was there or something like that! The weather SUCKED so we didn’t really get to do much of anything, but just hang out, which we haven't done in FOREVER, so that was really nice. March 14: Gil and I went car shopping…We went to the Nissan dealership where we got my car last year. We knew we didn’t want a brand new car, so we looked at the used cars. Gil wanted an Altima, but I REALLY wanted a Maxima! The altimas they had there weren’t the best, but they had a Silver 07 Maxima with just under 30,000 miles…IT WAS A PERFECT MATCH FOR US!!! I totally talked them down like $4000, AND they gave us $2000 for Gil’s truck! It was FREAKIN AWESOME!! So we have a baby-friendly car now and Gil absolutely LOVES his new car! Also, at the dealership they have a spin and win promotion when you buy a car…so we got to spin a big wheel and we ended up winning a cruise for 2 to the Bahamas!

March 17th (Today Happy St. Patty's Day): We had our final Doctor's Appointment. Everything went great. Sadie is still just holding tight in there. I guess we won't have the luck of the Irish this time around! The Dr checked me and I am 1cm dilated and 25% effaced and my cervix is soft...all things to move in the right direction! That was NOT very comfortable and has led to some spotting throughout the day...YUCK! I have been having quite a few contractions on a daily basis, but today was most of all...I think I've had 6 or 7. At the appt we gave Sadie her "eviction notice." If she doesn't come out by herself we will induce on the evening of March 23rd with a Birthday of hopefully March 24th. Finally, over the weekend we have to go and do a None-stress-test because at this point Sadie (according to the Dr's date) is overdue as of tomorrow. He just wants to make sure everything is good in there and no harm will be done to let her stay through the beginning of next week if she so chooses to!
Besides all that excitement I am just trying to finish up getting things organized around here. I have cleaned the house, washed the clothes, the bags are packed, and all we need now is SADIE!! I want her to be here now, but don’t want to rush her. I can not wait to meet my little girl! I also can not believe that this could be my last update as a pregnant woman and the next one could be as a mommy...OMG!!!