Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are ALMOST there

That statement holds true for many things! We are ALMOST there to having our baby! I can not believe I am almost 35 weeks...the pic below is 34 weeks! I just keep growing and growing and Sadie just keeps moving and moving more and more everyday! I can definitely tell she is in the same position but just readjusting herself for comfort. She is also belly is not nearly as high as it used to be, and I can feel her pushing on my lower abdomen A LOT more!

My only complaint right now is that my sleep is being broken up about 2 times a night by my bathroom breaks!! I guess this is just preperation for breastfeeing when Sadie comes. Everything else is AWESOME.

We had a doctor's appt on Friday. Sadie's heartbeat was very strong. The doctor said my belly was measuring a little small...he said he only told me this and said this so we can do another ultrasound. We will go to the Doctor on the 23rd and I will be just over 36 weeks and we will get to see Sadie for the last time in utero...after that we will see her beautiful face and little fingers and little toes in our arms!
We are also almost there with the nursery! Sadie has an ALMOST full closet...
And an ALMOST fully decorated nursery...

Basically all we have left to do is put some things on the wall....finish filling the closet...and organizing additional blankets and clothes and other little goodies!! So exciting!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nursery Progress

So today we had a special and unexpected delivery from UPS. Sadie's bedding arrived...4 days earlier than they said! So, Gil was very excited and we matched the paint and now Sadie has a purple nursery!!!! She has doors on her closet!!! Gil was just so busy today! I love the color and can't wait to put the border up around the top and put the blinds and valances up. Then we can do the furniture and everything! SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bump Pics

So Karrey gave Sadie a cute nickname...the Beach Bump! I love it! I haven't posted pics in a bit, but they are below! Sadie and I are growing SOOO much and SOOO fast! I can't believe we will have our little girl in 7 weeks or so! That is just absolutely amazing to me!
31 weeks32 weeks
33 weeks

We are definitely growing! I also know this because Sadie is losing space in there and I can feel her stretching! It is very odd. There are times where she just karate kicks me, but there are times where she is stretching in 2 different directions at the same time! She loves to eat...just like her mommy and daddy! She gets very excited right after I eat! It's so cool! I had mexican for dinner last night and I swear she transformed into a mexican jumping bean when I finished! It was so funny!

Sadie's room is coming along as you see in the post below, but we have ordered the bedding set and can't wait for it to arrive! The set comes with a comforter, bumper, blanket, bed skirt, fitted sheet, and decorative pillow. So PERFECT! Once we receive the set we can color match the purple for the paint, then we just paint, put the furniture together, wash her clothes, organize and accesorize a bit and we will be all ready for baby girl! Here is a picture of Sadie's Bedding set! Not beachy like we originally planned, but super cute and perfect for our baby! It will be just precious!

I just can NOT believe we only have 7 weeks left! It is just sooo crazy to me! Our second shower (first one was on January 24th) will be on February 20th and then my niece (who's 18th Birthday is that day) is going to do our maternity pictures! So much exciting stuff happening and just so little time to blog about it!

I will update more...even though this was a LONG update...again soon. I will post pics from the 1st shower, hopefully before we have the 2nd shower, and I will keep updating about the Nursery progress! P.S. The Doctor says Sadie is awesome and healthy which is a great plus as well!! We have another appointment next week and then should be getting another ultrasound at 36 weeks...then we will be just 4 weeks out...HOLY CRAP!!!!!