Sunday, April 25, 2010

The long awaited birth story

Let’s set the scene…It’s March 18th, Sadie’s due date. I am doing EVERYTHING I can to get her out of me. I did yard work, I did the deed, I cleaned the house, I went for a walk…EVERYTHING. Well, March 18th came and went with no such luck! Then it’s 5am on March 19th. Gil has to go to work about 9am, but I am up tracking contractions. From 5am to 9am they are about 10 minutes apart. I called my mom about 7:45 and told her about the progression and she FREAKED! She asked me why I didn’t call her earlier and did she have enough time to take a shower. It was probably the funniest conversation I had ever had! Gil went to work and my mom showed up about 10:30. By 11am the contractions had slowed down and were becoming very erratic. Gil was quite upset because he just wanted to be home with me and have an excuse to leave work! Mid Afternoon Heather came over and hung out with us. For Dinner I was DETERMINED to get the contractions going again! I had hot wings! They were SOOO yummy and SOOO spicy! Gil got home from work about 10pm or so. We went to sleep about 11:30pm with contractions still coming very sporadically. Well, that sleep didn’t last very long!
Next thing I know it’s 2am on March 20th and OMG was I just kicked in my stomach?!?! The contractions were MUCH stronger than they were on the 19th. I tried to stay in bed and just relax. That lasted for a little while. I was able to doze off between them, but by 4am the contractions were about 6-7 minutes apart and I was up and taking a bath and walking around the bedroom and breathing and showering and figuring out what felt best to get through the contractions. I figured out I did NOT like laying down at all…it KILLED to get through the contractions like that. I was much more comfortable to let Sadie hang away from me while I was standing up and leaning over.
By 8am everyone was up (except my brother…but he’s never up that early), and we were getting stuff together to head to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital about 8:30am to find out we had to wait in the waiting room because another women didn’t make it into the hospital before she had her baby…she just had the baby right there in the driveway! So they had to finish up with her before they could take me to triage.
I was taken into triage about 10 minutes later, they checked me, told me my bag of water was bulging (just about ready to break…little do they know!) and I was 5cm Dilated! They were proud of me for laboring so well at home! I was brought in to my room about 9:30am. I was ready to get in and have a baby already! It was definitely not happening that quickly.
The labor progressed really well, but my water never broke. My Doctor, who came to deliver Sadie on his day off…I LOVE HIM…came about 3:30 and checked me and told me my water still hadn’t broken and that he was going to break it, but the contractions were going to get quite a bit stronger. BOY WAS HE RIGHT! Funny how doctors know so much! Well, he broke my water and I totally felt like someone threw a bucket of warm water on me! It was kind of a yucky feeling, but as soon as he broke it I was stuck in the bed and the contractions were like a ton of bricks being thrown at me! I did not want to lay down through the contractions, but I had to and I really had an urge to poop…like 15 times during the day!! The contractions were about every minute and a half apart. One time I told the nurse I had to go poop, I figured since they were a minute and a half apart I could make it from the bed to the bathroom to sit on the toilet…YEAH RIGHT! By the time I had gotten up and made it to the bathroom I felt a contraction coming. I didn’t know whether I should lay down on the floor or sit down on the toilet or stand or anything, so I braced myself! I grabbed on to Gil’s shirt with one hand and his arm with the other. He later told me he never knew I was that strong…must have squeezed his arm really hard.
By about 4:30 or so, I was shaking the bed, telling Gil he needed to brush his teeth (he ate onions for lunch), telling him I was never going to ever have another baby EVER again, talking to Sadie and telling her to get out of her momma and SCREAMING my head off... one scream was so loud the ENTIRE FLOOR heard me. The last hour of contractions was quite painful. I didn’t want any meds until that point, but by then it was too late! I was flying solo. The nurse, who was soooo awesome, told me if I took anything it would be going straight to the baby. That scared me so I just dealt with it.
By 5:15pm I was REALLY ready to push. Sadie was so low, but I wasn’t fully dilated, so they just wanted me to bare down A LITTLE BIT. That was probably the hardest thing to do. I didn’t care too much at that point, I just wanted her OUT! Dr. Kamerman came in about 5:30…I WAS SOOOO THANKFUL! Gil said he saw such relief in my face and I told the Dr he had to get her out! Gil was so impressed at how calm Dr. Kamerman was. I think it’s funny because the doctor does this ALL the time…of course he’s gonna be calm!
After a few good rounds of pushing Sadie James Suarez was born at 5:57pm on March 20th weight 6lbs 10oz and measuring at 19inches long. She was the most beautiful little baby I had ever seen! You really never know how much you can love something so much so fast until you’ve had a baby. All the pain and suffering was SOOO worth it once she was in my arms!