Saturday, December 26, 2009

28 weeks and counting!

We have 12 weeks to go!! Seems so close yet so far away! We have so much to do! We haven't even started the nursery! I think I just need to go to Lowe's and buy some primer so Gil can just start painting the room! We basically know everything we want for the nursery and what it ideally should look like, but we just need to put that plan in to action.

I also have some updated pictures! These holidays have been really crazy and really busy, so I haven't been posting pics! I have been taking them, so here they are!

25 weeks 2 days
26 weeks

27 Weeks

For the holidays we all had a great day! Sadie got some cute outfits and she bought a cute outfit to wear just for her daddy! See......

For Christmas day we went over to Ft. Lauderdale and saw my Step-dad and Step bro and his family. We had breakfast and Sadie REALLY liked french toast. Then we went to a family friend's house, the Conforti's. They knew me when my mom was pregnant with me about the same as Sadie now! Amazing how time flies! 25 years and still doing Christmas together! We had a really fun and tiresome day, but it was awesome!

I am happy the holidays are almost over. I will have much more time to get everything together and really prepare for Sadie's arrival! Can't wait to actually meet our little girl!

Dr appt on Wednesday

We went to the Doctor on Tuesday and Sadie must have been soooo excited, or just finished a work out or something because her heart was POUNDING SOO LOUD! The Doctor was very impressed with her as was I and Gil! The Dr even turned the volume down on his little machine thing and it was still so loud!

I also had to do my gestational diabetes test. Drank some REALLY sweet orange sugar water on the way and then they took 2 things of blood at the end of the appointment. We shall see what the results are soon!

We go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks and either this next time or the time after we will see our little girl again. Doctor wants to measure her and make sure she is still perfect!!

Everything else is going good! We gotta get working on the nursery...I keep telling Gil I want to have a garage sale to get rid of our old bed and some other stuff that we have, and he keeps saying I'm not gonna do it...I gotta get it together and just prove him wrong! Sooner rather than later I'm gonna do it and make some $$ to spend on Sadie!! YAY!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A game...

So my friend Jenn created a game on and I copied her! Make a guess about Sadie's weight, length, time of arrival, and date of arrival! The link is on the right in the blog!

It's soo fun and there are quite a few guesses...I am guessing a small baby before my due date! LOL...typical for an expectant mom! Who would want a HUGE baby after their due date in all honesty?

Really, I just want her to be healthy! Can't wait to see all of guesses and to meet our little girl!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sadie's nursery

Gil and I went to babies R Us last weekend and I think after much debate we have decided on the Delta Soho set in white. Here are the pics:

We have decided to pain the walls in the Nursery a light purple and we are looking for a bedding set and decor for the room. We like beachy stuff, but we want her to have a girly beachy room, so we shall see how it ends up!

After we were at Babies R Us I decided to go online and start a registry...I think I put like 5 things on there, but nothing major or anything that will DEFINITELY stick. I know I am getting quite a few things from my best friend Bevy...she's giving me a stroller and car seat set AKA a travel system, as well as a bassinet, clothes, a diaper disposal, bath tub, boppy, and some other stuff. I feel SOOO blessed! AND I have already received a vibrating swing from one of my mom's friends. I can't believe how much stuff is coming, but how much more there is to get for our little girl!

On another note... My belly is getting big. More and more everyday Sadie is moving around in there and growing and everyone keeps telling me I'm getting big...If I'm getting big now how the heck am I gonna look in 3 more months? I will post belly pics soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's been a while!

WOW!! I just realized I haven't updated since our anniversary! November was a very busy month! I worked a lot, went to Ft. lauderdale to see Legally Blonde...Sadie LOVED the show, and then before I knew it, we had family coming in to town for thanksgiving and now it is December 1st!

So, some updates...Sadie's been growing like a mad woman, dancing up a storm inside of me! Some days she is MUCH more active than others...but she is ALWAYS wide awake when I'm ready to go to bed. She must know what time it is. One time I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and before I was to the toilet and back to the bed she was squirming around!

Below are pictures from 21 weeks, 23 weeks, 23.5 weeks, and 24 weeks. My belly REALLY popped after week 22! It is soo crazy! Gil is really in to taking lots and lots of pictures of me now. It's wonderful! I am glad you can finally tell I'm preggo and not just having a fat day! I can no longer zipper or button my pants, so thank god for belly bands! It will soon be time to invest in some maternity pants!

I like when people ask when I'm due and how I'm feeling, but sometimes some people get a little TOO personal...I usually try not to let it bother me, but sometimes it just erks me!
Tomorrow is my next Doctor's appointment. I am figuring we won't have an ultrasound, but I now have a ton more questions to ask the doc like...what do hiccups feel like, what do braxton hicks feel like, and some other things I can't think of now!
Ok, enough chitter are the goods...

21 weeks
23 weeks23.5 weeks24 weeks