Sunday, February 14, 2010

We are ALMOST there

That statement holds true for many things! We are ALMOST there to having our baby! I can not believe I am almost 35 weeks...the pic below is 34 weeks! I just keep growing and growing and Sadie just keeps moving and moving more and more everyday! I can definitely tell she is in the same position but just readjusting herself for comfort. She is also belly is not nearly as high as it used to be, and I can feel her pushing on my lower abdomen A LOT more!

My only complaint right now is that my sleep is being broken up about 2 times a night by my bathroom breaks!! I guess this is just preperation for breastfeeing when Sadie comes. Everything else is AWESOME.

We had a doctor's appt on Friday. Sadie's heartbeat was very strong. The doctor said my belly was measuring a little small...he said he only told me this and said this so we can do another ultrasound. We will go to the Doctor on the 23rd and I will be just over 36 weeks and we will get to see Sadie for the last time in utero...after that we will see her beautiful face and little fingers and little toes in our arms!
We are also almost there with the nursery! Sadie has an ALMOST full closet...
And an ALMOST fully decorated nursery...

Basically all we have left to do is put some things on the wall....finish filling the closet...and organizing additional blankets and clothes and other little goodies!! So exciting!


  1. Carli that nursery is gorgeous! Im so happy for you guys!

  2. The nursery looks adorable!! And you look great too, lady!

    Seriously, though, sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, cannot stress that enough! Naps are your friends. 36 days to go, woot!!