Saturday, January 16, 2010

Less than 10 weeks to go!

Here's the 30 week picture...Sadie must be growing a ton in there, because I am really growing from the outside!! The update says she is about 15.7" long from head to heal and like 3 pounds or so. I stil feel great...doing prenatal yoga is awesome! I've been working a lot so the tiredness is starting to catch up with me every so often...but then I sleep and I am good to go.

Sadie moves around a TON! Sometimes it gets a little painful...not sure if she doesn't have as much space as she would like, or if she thinks she has more than she does...whatever it is...OUCH! She also gets the hiccups about once a day. Gil thinks it is SOOO funny when she has them...I just feel bad for our little girl!

Our Dr's appt was fun on Thursday. Sadie's heartbeat is nice and strong! We also asked about cord blood banking and what our Dr. thought about it...he recommends it if it is financially doable. We are weighing our options!

Thursday was a VERY busy day for us! We went to Babies R Us and finished up our registry... we even got to park in the "stork parking" spaces!!! See Below :)

While we were there we added a bunch of stuff and we also bought Sadie's furniture! SOOO excited! We should be able to pick it up in 7-14 days. That should be just enough time to get the room painted and all ready to go! Look for a nursery update soon! Don't want to overload all at once! All in all everything is fabulous and moving in the right direction!!

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